Weapon-AA Gun and Launcher

0.50 inch

0.50 inch Anti-aircraft Machine Gun Type CS/LM3

Technical Specification

  • Ammo 12.7×99 mm type 208; 12.7×99 mm NATO
  • Feed system 60rd ammo link and ammo can×6
  • Muzzle velocity V25 =840±15 m/s(12.7×99 mm type 208)
  • Weight 40 kg
  • Total length 2,170mm
  • Length of gun body 1755.9mm (shoulder support open); 1502.3mm(shoulder support folded)
  • Effective range 1,600 m (anti-aircraft fire); 1,500 (ground fire)
  • Elevation limit -15~25°(in ground position); -15~80°(in anti-aircraft position)
  • Traverse limit 120° (in ground position) ; 360° (in anti-aircraft position)
  • Service life 7,000 rd
  • Accessory spare barrel×1, spare bolt assembly×1, gun mount×1, anti-aircraft day vision sight×1, tool pack×1, operation manual×1




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