Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle CS/VP3

High Survivability:
The whole vehicle can resist the 7.62×51mm AP ammunition within 30m, and its defense level can be upgrade according to the customer’s demand.
Any position in vehicle chassis can resist the mine equivalent to 8kg TNT. and the wheel can resist the mine equivalent to 16kg TNT. The protection ability can meet NATO STANAG 4569-3b level.

Optional equipment
Open turret(7.62mm or 12.7mm machine gun)
38mm 9 barrel anti-riot launcher
Low temperature start-up system(starting electric motor, battery and fuel heater) Radio and intercommunication device

Technical Specification

  • Left/Right hand drive(depending user’s requirement)
  • Mine-resisted seat with four-point type safety belt
  • Bullet-proof tyre
  • Central inflation system in tyre
  • Additional amour on the V-mode mine-resisted unit body
  • Military standard off-road chassis with WD615.44 engine
  • Maximum climbing slope 60°
  • Maximum speed 110km/h
  • Length×width×height 7500×2600×2900
  • Total combat weight 15000kg
  • Crew 2+10 persons
  • Wheel base 4200mm
  • Engine power 235KW
  • Driving type full time four-wheel drive




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